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Photo Upload

If you are a new or transferring student, have been admitted to UT, and have your student NetID and password, you can submit an ID photo online for approval.

Online Photo Submission

An online submission gives you the opportunity to upload a current photo of yourself. Photo submissions are reviewed manually. It may take up to two business days to process. You will be notified if your photo has been approved or rejected by email or via text.

Photo Submission Requirements

When submitting your own photo, your photo MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Recent photo of yourself only
  • Saved in .jpg format only
  • No larger than 400 x 400 pixels; image size of 1.25″ x 1.25″
  • Color photo only
  • Background must be plain white (i.e white painted wall, white poster board, white sheet, or white screen; no patterns, textures, or scenic backgrounds)
  • Face straight ahead, no head tilts
  • Center your face and shoulders within photo frame
  • Cropped from just above the top of the head to the collarbone
  • Wear colored clothing that can be seen
  • No hats, sunglasses, glare on glasses, red eye, shadows, blurry or debutante/glamour photos
  • No other visible people or objects
  • Not too dark, bright, close or distant
  • Image should be near 300 dpi
  • Facebook profile photos should not be submitted as the quality of image will not reproduce well on the ID card

Choose your photo carefully. It will serve as your official university identity photo for the entire time you are at the university.

 Below is an example of an approved photo.

Good Picture

Photos including any of the following will not be allowed:

  • Someone other than yourself, (animal, baby, parents, inanimate object)
  • Sunglasses
  • Tilted heads or a profile shot
  • Comical photos or photos with gestures
  • Colored background besides white or objects/scenery in the background
  • Hats
  • Group photos
  • Low-quality images
  • Anything besides the acceptable images described above

Submission Procedure

To submit your photo, follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to WebCard Center with your NetID and password.
    (If you are using any of the following special characters in your password you may experience difficulty in logging in:  “ @ $ # / \   Also, please note that your password must start with an alphabetic character.  If you experience difficulty logging in, please feel free to call our office at (865) 974-3430 or email us at
  • Select “Submit ID Photo” on the left hand panel.
  • Follow the instructions to upload your photo.
  • You will be notified if your photo has been approved or rejected by email or via text. Your default notification is your UTK email address unless you choose to change it. You can do this under “Notification Preferences” in WebCard Center.
  • You can also check your status at WebCard Center.

Replacing your image does not affect the pricing of issuing a VolCard. If your appearance changes and the picture on your current ID no longer looks like you, a new card can be processed free of charge as long as you bring the current card in.  However, if you simply decide you want a different picture, a $30 replacement fee will be charged.

DO NOT email or send your photo to the VolCard Office. Do not submit more than one photo. Submit only the photo you wish to appear on your official university ID.  Do not resubmit another photo after one has been accepted.

The University of Tennessee VolCard Office reserves the right to refuse any photos that do not meet our requirements. Failure to adhere to photo submission requirements is subject to appropriate university action as deemed necessary.