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Off-Campus Merchant Program Questions

What types of things can I purchase with my VolCard account at off-campus merchants?

You can purchase food, beverages, goods, and services at establishments that are members of the off-campus merchant program.

What can’t be purchased at off-campus merchants with my VolCard account?

Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and lottery tickets cannot be purchased with your VolCard account.

Can I use my Dining Dollars or Flex Plan Dollars instead of my VolCard account at off-campus merchants?

No, only your VolCard account can be used at off-campus merchants. Dining Dollars and Flex Plan Dollars are specifically used for Volunteer dining restaurants and retail dining locations on campus.

VolCard Accounts and Where to Use Them 

Location Dining Dollars Flex Plan VolCard Debit
Campus Vending Machines YES
University Operated Dining Facilities YES YES YES
On-Campus Convenience Stores YES YES YES
Thompson-Boling Arena and Neyland Stadium YES YES YES
Vol Shop YES
Vol Tech YES
Vol Print YES
Library Copiers YES
Participating Off-Campus Merchants  YES

How do I add money to my VolCard Account?

In MyUTK, click on the VolCard Account Add Funds button or transfer excess financial aid each semester to your VolCard account by designating an amount.

You can add money on the VolCard Web Deposits site.

Deposit using ValuePort Machines located in Ayres Hall, Ag Library, Hodges Library, and the VolCard Office.

Payments can also be made in the VolCard Office using cash, check, or credit card.

Additionally, you can request to have the unused funds from your Flex Plan account rolled over into your VolCard account at the end of each semester. You will then be able to use those funds at participating off-campus merchants or at any location on campus accepting the VolCard account, including the VolShop, where you can pay for books, supplies, or apparel.

Does this program run year-round?

Yes. You can use your VolCard account at participating off-campus merchants even during the summer.

Where can I find the list of participating merchants?

Participating Off-campus Merchants. Additionally, participating merchants will have our sign posted in their establishment.