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VolCard Questions

Where is the VolCard Office?

The VolCard Office is located at 408 Student Services Building in Circle Park. Office hours are 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

What is a VolCard?

Your VolCard is your university ID to be used for identification purposes or access to goods and services to which you are entitled. No other person is permitted to use this ID for any reason.

I’ve lost my VolCard digital ID device or card. What should I do?

If you suspect your VolCard is lost or stolen, play it safe and report it immediately to the VolCard Office. This can be done on-line or by phone at 865-974-3430, by leaving your name and ID number along with a message. The VolCard holder will be responsible for all usage of the card prior to the proper notification to the VolCard Office. The replacement fee is $30 for any lost or stolen card. Report a lost or stolen card or digital id.

My VolCard is not reading when swiped or is broken. What should I do?

If your VolCard is damaged due to normal wear and tear, it may be replaced free of charge as long as you bring the whole card to the VolCard Office. Any other damages (such as, but not limited to, punching holes) will incur a replacement fee.

I lost my VolCard and had a new one made, but I found my old card. Can I get my money back and use my old card?

No. Once you have a new card made the old card is no longer valid (it cannot be used again) and a refund cannot be made.

Why won’t my VolCard work to get me into my dorm or the computer lab?

You are given access to your residence and computer labs located within your residential building by University Housing. You should speak with someone at the main desk of your residence for access. The University Housing buildings that have controlled entry are:

North & South Carrick

Access to computer labs located outside your residence is based on your status as an enrolled student or staff member.

All access to administrative buildings on campus is provided through Central Alarm Service at 974-0808.

My name (ID number) has changed. Do I need a new VolCard?

Yes. The VolCard Office will replace your ID once your name (or SID) has been changed with the University Records Office, which is located in 209 Student Services Building. You must bring a copy of the paperwork from the Records Office to the VolCard Office or wait until this information has been received electronically by the VolCard Office. You must also bring your current VolCard when requesting a replacement or a $30.00 fee will be required.

My appearance has changed dramatically.  Can I get a new card?

Yes. The VolCard Office will replace your ID if they CANNOT recognize you based on your current appearance.