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VolCard Account Questions

What is a VolCard account and where would I use it?

A VolCard account is a debit account to be used on campus and at participating off-campus merchants. It can be used in dining facilities, campus vending machines, VolShop, VolTech, VolPrint, convenience stores on campus, Off-Campus Merchants, and for Service Station privileges.

How do I make deposits to my VolCard account?

There are six ways to make deposits to your VolCard account.

  • You may come to the VolCard Office where your deposit can be made by cash, check, or credit card.
  • Online by clicking here.
  • You may also make cash deposits in Value Port machines located around campus. Value Port locations are: Ag Library, Ayres Hall, Hodges Library, and VolCard Office.
  • By mail.
  • Transferring excess financial aid via MyUTK.
  • Transfer unused Flex Plan funds to your VolCard account (end of semester).

How do I transfer excess financial aid to my VolCard account?

You may transfer excess financial aid (maximum of $1,000.00) each semester to your VolCard account by designating an amount on MyUTK.

What happens to my VolCard account money at the end of the semester?

Your VolCard account money will transfer from semester to semester as long as you are in school. When leaving the university you should apply for a refund for any monies remaining in your account.

I’m leaving the university. Can I get my VolCard account money back?

Yes, simply notify the VolCard Office to request a refund. Be aware that there may be a $15.00 service charge to withdraw money from your VolCard account. If you have an outstanding debt with the university, this refund may be applied to the debt first with any remaining money being mailed to you in the form of a check.

I’ve lost my VolCard ID, and I don’t have any cash. Can I pay for my lost card with my VolCard account money?

Yes. VolCard account money can be used to pay for a lost card.

Can I pay for my cable bill with my VolCard account?

No. The cable provider at this time does not accept VolCard as a form of payment.