Student Accounts

Your VolCard is your student picture ID card that you received prior to the beginning of your first semester.  Every student is required to have a valid ID card. This card is essential for the use of various University facilities and programs. Additionally, the VolCard serves as a meal card for those students on a meal plan.

The VolCard Account is a campus wide debit account which will allow the card to be used for vending, VolPrint, Dining Services, parking, library, and purchases at VolShop and VolTech. It cannot be used to pay your student fees. Deposit money into your VolCard Account on-line using your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit card.

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Terms & Conditions

VolCard Account
The VolCard Account is a debit account that may be used to purchase food at all Campus Dining facilities, goods and services from participating off-campus merchants, snack and beverages from selected soft drink and vending machines located in University Housing and various campus locations, VolPrint, as well as make purchases at VolShop and VolTech. All students are automatically entitled to a VolCard Account; however, the account must be activated by making an initial deposit. This exclusive account eliminates the need for cash, change, and checkbooks. Furthermore, only the student will have access to these funds as long the student keeps their VolCard secure.

An initial deposit is required to open this account. This deposit is non-refundable, except in the case of withdrawal or graduation from the University. Additional deposits can be made 6 ways:

1) mail
2) phone (please have credit card information ready)
3) using conveniently located debit terminals on campus for cash deposits
4) on-line by clicking here.
5) in person
6) excess financial aid

VolCard accounts may be cancelled at your request and a refund issued of the balance less a $15.00 service fee.

The balance of the account will carry over from term to term until the student graduates or is no longer enrolled at the University. If the student withdraws from school, any balance may be refunded for a $15.00 service fee.

VolCard Refund Form
Upon graduation or withdrawal from the University, any balance of an VolCard Account may be refunded for a $15.00 service fee. Refunds do not include any meal plan bonus dollars provided by Dining Services.

You can print a Refund Form and return it completed with signatures to the VolCard Office.

You are responsible for all charges or transactions billed or accessed by the VolCard and any of the various accounts as part of the VolCard system.

Lost or Stolen Cards
If you suspect your card is lost or stolen, play it safe and report it immediately to the VolCard Office. This can be done on-line or by phone at (865) 974-3430, by leaving your name and ID number along with a message. The cardholder will be responsible for all usage of the card prior to the proper notification to the VolCard Office. The replacement fee is $30 for any lost or stolen card. Report a lost or stolen card

Meal Plans & Dining Dollars
For more information about Meal Plans & Dining Dollars visit UT Dining Services. The terms and conditions are included in the Housing Food and Services Agreement signed on admission to Residence Halls and those included in the Dining Services printed guidelines for meal plans.

Ownership of Cards
The VolCard remains the property of the University of Tennessee and is governed by all its rules and regulations. Upon withdrawal or graduation form the University of Tennessee, the card must be surrendered upon request. The University reserves the right to establish and/or change the credit limits of accounts accessed by this card at any time with or without cause or giving you notice.

Policies and Procedures
The University does not assume any legal obligation to pay for the damage of items of personal property of students which occurs in its buildings or on its grounds, prior to, during or subsequent to the period of this agreement. Students and their parents are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover such losses.

Execution of a VolCard Account application is not a commitment of admission to the University.

While this application is in effect, the student will be required to meet all financial obligations, under the terms of this agreement.

Use of the VolCard
You agree to use the VolCard for identification purposes only or for the purchase of or access to goods and services to which you are entitled as a UTK student after having paid the appropriate fees for that term of study. No other person is permitted to use this card for purchases, identification, or for any other reason. The card and its rights and privileges are non-transferable and are governed by all UTK rules and regulations. When requested, the card must be submitted to UTK Administration for identification or other investigative procedures.