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Privacy Statement

The VolCard Office on-line credit card payment website is provided by the University’s Office of Information Technology and is designed to facilitate payments to University Staff and Students’ Debit Accounts (VolCard Account (AllStar) and Dining Dollar Accounts).

Privacy and Security

The VolCard Office does not sell any information collected. Information collected is used strictly for University-related purposes and processing payments for Staff and Students.

The VolCard Office has taken all reasonable precautions to secure the personal information available through the Online Website. This Online Payment Site is password protected to restrict access to personal information to registered University employees, who are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to disciplinary actions if they fail to meet these obligations. Although these precautions should effectively protect any personal information available through the VolCard Website from abuse or outside interference, a certain degree of privacy risk is faced any time information is shared over the Internet.

Policy and Guidelines for Proper Use

To safeguard the VolCard Website, the VolCard Office has adopted many guidelines and policies that are used by the University to govern conduct, particularly conduct that occurs in an Online environment. In addition to the University’s policies and guidelines, users of the VolCard Website must abide by the following specific rules and regulations located at the following web links:

Federal Government Red Flag Policy 

Link to the AUP

Link to Information and Computer System Classification Policy

When visiting the Website the following information will be collected and stored:

  • The name of the domain from which you accessed the Internet
  • The date and time of the transaction
  • The Card Holder name and Student ID of payment

This information is retained for billing processes only. The University’s payment processor will use this information to process your request, and it will be retained in the Merchant’s customer records for billing and contact purposes.

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